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Podcast Episode

How To Live a Healthier Lifestyle with Bela Castro - The Therapy Effect Podcast - Episode 15

In this episode, I am joined by holistic health coach Bela Casto! Bela and I share a passion for exercise, mindset, and personal development and in this episode we break down how you can begin to live a healthier lifestyle moving forwards! She is extremely knowledgeable and shares her story on what led her to become a coach and strive to live a more fulfilling lifestyle in her own life!


Podcast Episode

How Becoming Self-Aware Saved Me w/ Mind and Body Fitness Coach Bela Castro

Mind and Body Fitness Coach Bela Castro talks to us about the ways self awareness saved her after her marriage ended and her life completely changed. She is vulnerable and raw as she dives into the things that were holding her back and leaves us with tips on how to start diving deeper into you today. 
AD: The B-FIT app that will be launching in the beginning of December to help others live a better life with a positive mindset, nutrition guidance , and workout program to execute and practice better habits daily.

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