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Meet Bela

My Vision

My vision is simple— to empower others to conquer their world, by teaching how to conquer themselves first. B-FIT was designed through personal experience, through pushing through tough circumstances, through becoming the best version of myself when life just was not going as I planned. Adversity challenges us, our discipline and mentality defines us— and the best part about that is that we have absolute control on how we choose to let them impacts us. I am here to show you how connecting your mind, body and soul will make you shift your life and become unstoppable.  


My Life Experience

Hey, I'm Bela— the founder + head trainer of B-FIT. I live in Atlanta, GA but I will forever carry Brazil in my heart and in my blood. I have always been in the athletic world, from being a tennis athlete and fitness enthusiast to actively taking part in transforming lives today!


My life over the past few years has been hectic—I found myself at my lowest going through the process of divorce, changing home, changing career paths...Little did I know those changes would create the growth I needed to create B-FIT and find my true life purpose. Progression has become my obsession and I am ready to do more than share my story, but be a changing force in the better part of yours!

Certified Holistic Coach

Ready to serve you with wisdom from my own life experience and acquired knowledge. It takes more than reading books and taking tests to become a good coach— it requires courage, determination, and discipline to actively apply it. 


So trust me when I say, beyond certifications— I will lead you by example. 


Certified in Personal Training by ISSA 

Certified in Nutrition by ISSA 

Certified in Positive Psychology by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil


Certified in Food & Health by Stanford University


Certified Reiki Healer by Master Pao Strickland

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