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This journey has been no short of— crazy. 
We wanted to create something that was more than fun and "cute."
We wanted to make something that was monetarily worth the cost, fit all sizes, and had purpose— meaning.
So, from freelance designers and producers, to multiple and world-spread manufacturers, we did it.
We found an amazing overseas team that not only partnered with us to create durable, breathable, and design oriented pieces— but affordable to the every day person.

And here's the best part— we do so much more than make attire & "sell" it.
No, we meant what we said above about purpose and meaning.
We were granted the amazing opportunity to partner with Child Rescue Coalition— an organisation that focuses on physically and virtually putting a stop to child sex trafficking & pornography.
This is not an issue that is happening worlds away, no. This is an issue that happens and is happening, every 8-10 minutes around the corner of our own streets. This is a world-wide issue that needs your attention, your support, and your voice to make a difference.

So, thank you for giving us your time to listen and to learn.
We hope that when you wear ZFITCO, you are reminded that the power you are born with to live and to move and to exist however you'd like, should always remain— yours.
Use your power to give them back theirs.

Stay tuned for our full launch and more to come January 2022!

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