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Isabela Castro Created a System That Helps People Find Synchrony Between Mind and Body

Statistics show that two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese. For personal trainer and fitness coach Isabela Castro, this is an alarming rate. She knew she had to become part of the solution to counter the numbers and prevent them from rising. Hence, she developed her fitness program called B-FIT.

“Through many studies and analyzing people’s behaviours, it is clear that there are many other underlying issues other than fast and processed food,” shared Isabela Castro. “People have been living through so much stress, anxiety, and depression, and those are the main cause of their disorder behaviours. My mission is to help people cultivate positive emotions, nourish their bodies with nutritious food, and work out effectively on a daily basis. If you can think, feel, and look your best, the world is a much better place.”

Isabela Castro was born and raised in Brazil. However, for as long as she can remember, she has had her eyes set on entering corporate America. She worked hard for her dream until finally, she earned a spot in a well-established Fortune 500 company. All the while, Isabela was doing well in the other areas of her life. She got married and lived what she would describe as a happy and content life.

But at the same time the pandemic happened, Isabela Castro found herself on a downward slope. As if facing the global health crisis was not enough, her marriage was also subject to divorce; she moved out of her home and realized that the company she was working for did not value her contributions.

Isabela Castro shared that the traumatic experiences she had to face when she got divorced fueled her to help others who are going through the same process. “I was not quite sure at the moment why I had to go through so much pain and change all at once, but it made me find myself,” she said. “It helped me create self-love, focus on self-development, and find my purpose.”

After realising her purpose and potential to make an impact, Isabela decided to pick up the pieces of her life together and obtained certifications in personal training, nutrition, and psychology.

“After postponing it for so long, I was equipped with the knowledge to not only invest in my own life but also invest in the life of others. B-FIT actually stands for focus, intentional and tough. The point is to know your WHY, be intentional about your time and daily actions to get closer to the WHY, and make your WHY bigger than your excuses,” shared the entrepreneur.

Isabela Castro applies her highly-acclaimed B-FIT method into everything she does and helps her clients approach life with the same perspective as well. Her entire healing process from getting a divorce led her to realize that people fail to remain fit and mentally happy because of the disconnect between their mind and body. Launched in January 2021, her renowned B-FIT method has helped others overcome their fitness challenges and changed their mindsets. The method equips them with an achievable nutrition plan and zoom and video workouts so they can develop a healthier routine anywhere.

“If the mind and body are in synchrony and working together, your relationship with yourself and others will exponentially improve. I want everyone to feel it for themselves,” the personal trainer shared.

Together with her team, Isabela Castro is currently developing a fitness app to share the B-FIT method with more people across the globe. The coach aims to have 100,000 users for the app by the end of 2022.

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