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Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Nutritionist

I am so excited that you have made your way to my page! I am a local certified Atlanta fitness professional. I dedicate my time to helping others reach their maximum potential and quality of life— 

through the mental and physical transformation that the 

B-FIT method can and will bring you. Download my app today and experience the change, become your dream. 

B-FIT provides the guidance and insight to help unlock life's potential. I provide a comprehensive exercise plan to make you physically and mentally fit. With my customized Fitness Training Program, you can have a balanced exercise routine and a diet plan.

Personal Training

At B-FIT, the best coach provides private and group personal training in Atlanta, GA. Come at B-FIT if you feel like transforming your body perfectly with a physical training routine.

Work with my fitness training plan because the advantages of personal training are multiple. You may be better able to attain your fitness achievements by participating in fitness training sessions specifically designed for you. You will get dedicated attention from a qualified professional trainer in this training.

You can receive plenty of benefits with personal training at B-FIT.

•    A trainer helps you identify and reach goals.
•    A personalized workout.
•    Trainers can reduce the risk of injury.
•    A correct form of exercise.
•    Stay Accountable and Motivated.

Group Training – To provide the right physical transformation workout, I will give you the best training assistance with a few other people at the same time. In group training, you will get a chance to meet new people and workout while having fun with your new training buddies. In order to stay active, group training provides you with an additional encouragement boost.

Performing a workout in a group can provide the following benefits:

•    Utilize your social skills-communication and teamwork.
•    Exercising in a group reduces stress.
•    Improves cardiovascular benefits.
•    Improves self-esteem and confidence.
•    Reduces feelings of loneliness.

Pilates Training 

There are many benefits of Pilates training. When you perform Pilates regularly, you can improve your posture and core strength. You can also prevent or reduce back pain and increase your flexibility.
At B-FIT, you will get an opportunity to attend Pilates Classes, including mat Pilates and reformer Pilates, provided by a Women's Fitness Specialist-Bela. Whether you have been performing Pilates for years or are interested in understanding the benefits of Pilates Classes, I am confident in providing a class that will fulfill your special requirements for training.  

With Pilates classes, you can receive many benefits to maintain your fitness level.

•    Pilates makes you stronger
•    Pilates improves your posture
•    Pilates increases your energy levels
•    Pilates can refine your body shape

Fitness experts offer instruction for both reformer and mat Pilates workouts designed to assist you while performing exercises.

Weight loss program 

Attending a weight loss program is not just about losing weight, but it's more than a fat loss program for us. B-FIT considers a weight loss program a joint effort that will make you healthy and fit. An experienced and skilled weight loss coach is here to train you in the fitness journey.

Eating the right food at the right time influences metabolism, which results in weight loss. My weight loss diet plans are primarily designed to control weight with a low-calorie consumption.


Train with us in an online training session 

At your desired location, you can reap the advantages of a qualified personal trainer to keep you on track. I can also motivate you and direct you to a workout and nutrition routine to achieve your fitness goals.
At B-Fit, I provide you with the best fitness training programs and diet charts along with convenience and affordable plans. Moreover, I ensure to share my knowledge with my clients to provide long-term health and fitness benefits.

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With my new app, follow HIIT curated workouts and choose where you want to out in that work— in the gym, at home, or on the go.

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Remove confusion, add ease.

Download my app and use my new user friendly interface to contact me, see your nutrition, training, and all around progress in one place.

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So, I've been a little busy...

But, in my defense— it has been for all good reasons! 

I am proud to announce that I have partnered with The ZFIT Company to design an athletic apparel collection with their new 2022 launch!

And here's the best part—

While we are doing our best to feel and look better, we are simultaneously helping children!

That's right, every purchase gives back to helping children out of sex trafficking & pornography.



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