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Hi, I’m Bela

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Nutritionist

I am so excited that you have made your way to my page! I am a local certified Atlanta fitness professional. I dedicate my time to helping others reach their maximum potential and quality of life— 

through the mental and physical transformation that the 

B-FIT method can and will bring you. 

Introducing B.FIT

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life



100% of your results come from how your mind works. I will teach you how to manage your thoughts by cultivating positive emotions, building resilience, and creating the discipline to do more than what you think you can. Finally, I will teach you the B-FIT method: by learning how to be more focused, intentional, and tough to achieve your goals, create better habits, and seek the ultimate best version of you on a daily basis. 




80% of your results come from how you nourish your body. The 3 main things you will always need from when you are born until you die are oxygen, water, and nutrients. Because if we have all that it needs, all systems in your body will perform better, which ultimately increases the connection between your mind and body. I will help you create the loving relationship with food you need to live longer, happier, and more energized. 




The beautiful exchange of energy that happens when we exercise is fundamental for our overall health. At least 20% of your day should be spent moving your body. With the B-FIT method, we have a 32 minute HIIT workout followed by breath work to help you achieve your peak state of  energy, build strength, improve your cardiovascular system,  increase your metabolic rate, and help you optimize your body.

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